1. deed, turn, action; performance, proceeding, execution, consummation; conduct; doing, operation, transaction; undertaking, project, enterprise; work, task, job, commission.
2. exploit, feat, Archaic. gest, achievement, step, stride, advancement, progress; accomplishment, attainment, requirement, success.
3. maneuver, move, stroke, blow, coup, stunt, trick; stroke of genius, tour de force.
4. in the act
in'the process, in the middle, in the course; red-handed, Latin, in flagrante delicto, Sl. with one's pants down, Inf. with one's hand in the cookie jar.
5. formal decision, ruling, judgement, conclusion, determination, resolve, resolution; verdict, finding, arbitration, arbitrament; sentence, Law. award; declaration, pronouncement, decree, edict, proclamation; dictate, dictum, order, command, mandate; rule, regulation, law, Law. statute, ordinance; bill, enactment, measure, proposal, motion.
6. short performance, show, Music. gig, stand, appearance; routine, bit, skit, short play, Theat. one-acter, curtain raiser.
7. pretense, pretending, feigning, make-believe; sham, fake, counterfeit, dissimulation, dissemblance; affectation, show, insincerity, false appearance.
8. do, go about, perform, execute, Scot, and North Eng. Obs. gar, discharge, carry out; be active, be employed, be busy.
9. decide, determine, resolve, judge, make up one's mind, reach or make a decision.
10. function, perform, operate; work, be effective, be efficacious.
11.(all of oneself) conduct, behave, comport, deport, demean; (all of oneself) manage, bear, carry, acquit.
12. pretend, feign, make believe; sham, fake, counterfeit, make a false show, dissemble, dissimulate; simulate, affect, put on, assume, Inf. do for effect.
13. perform, portray, play; represent, enact, act out, put on, produce, stage, give a show; tread the boards.
14. act for
substitute, pinch-hit, fill in; do, serve, take the place of.
15. act on or upon
a. follow, head, obey, comply with, yield to, conform to, act in accordance with.b. affect, influence; change, alter, transform, modify.

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